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Jun. 22nd, 2006 @ 11:18 am Dark Ages: Fae thoughts, Part 3: Maiden
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Part 1: Mother
Part 2: Crone

Finally, Hauviette, the Maiden. Hauviette was designed from the very beginning by mebib to be the social "face" of the group, and this was justified by saying that Hauviette gets around the village of Domremy and knew everyone. Here's a bulletpoint summary of Hauviette's life up until this point:
  • Hauviette (or perhaps "Hauviette-prime"?) is born to Robert and Aimee.
  • At some point, Hauviette becomes a Changeling. This part of Hauviette's origin is unknown at this time.
  • Hauviette is not baptized as a Christian, thus saving her from harm as a changeling.
  • Hauviette's parents, both Cathars, do their best to raise her as a pseudo-Christian to protect her from harm, despite their refusal to baptize.
  • During her childhood, Hauviette plays near the abandoned church of St. John, now used as a clandestine Cathar meeting-place.
  • At some point in her childhood she sees and plays with the floating ball of light which is later to be revealed as the fire inanima Carina.
  • Hauviette is fostered by Carina as a member of the Summer Court. She is put before the Court of Bois-Chenu and Kornloen for her year of fosterage.
  • Hauviette formally meets Maria and Beata at the spinning circle before the spring equinox.
  • Hauviette meets Joan for the first time, is identified with St. Catherine.
  • Aimee puts Hauviette forward for May Queen, not realizing the mythic dimensions of such a decision.
  • Hauviette becomes a vortex of energy due to her position as May Queen, only made right by a literal and figurative "unweaving" at the Maypole.
  • Hauviette's May Queen title is transferred through magic to Siobhan.
  • Aimee wants to baptize Hauviette because of the bad stuff happening. Robert thus reveals to Hauviette that he and Aimee are Cathars.
  • Hauviette, on a mission to Chinon to plant Joan's sword, makes herself first into a boy and then a dog (Unleashing botch).
  • During the Summer Solstice, Hauviette is approached by the Greyhound, secretly, for the purposes of changing places. Hauviette agrees.
  • Hauviette-prime rules over the Court as Queen after her Saining and the disappearance of the Court.
  • Aimee leaves Robert, because of the confusion of being a Cathar/the supernatural in her life.
  • Marie thinks that with her husband's death, and Aimee leaving Robert, that she would make a good step-mother to Hauviette.
  • Marie and Robert court, ending in a dual wedding (Cathar/Christian). However, in order to marry, the marriage to Aimee must be annulled, thereby making Hauviette and Henri bastards.
  • At the Christian wedding, Hauviette feels like a Queen. She acts that way, disrupting the wedding. Beata tries to Hush her, but it backlashes on her. Hauviette glows, and soon the church is covered in a lattice of grooves of summer light. The church flickers, putting Hauviette with the Winter Witch at her back. Then, back to reality and the entire court, minus the Winter Witch, her consort, and the Saracen Woman, is there! Kornloen says that Hauviette must swear an oath of absolute fealty to him for him to make the mortals forget all this. She agrees.
  • Kornloen, after questioning, refuses to change the Oath of fealty.
  • The Lutin, upon questioning, reveals that Hauviette "must not be a queen."
  • Hauviette meets Aimee on the road during Samhain.
  • Robert wants an annulment, but Marie prevents it by quieting Robert.
  • The Winter Queen makes an Oath to save Lir from decay, who was brought back from the lands of the dead, by saying she wants three uninterrupted days with Hauviette. Hauviette concurs, to save Lir.
  • In response to the fact that the Winter Queen wants Hauviette, the circle attempts to protect her. This backfires, and the Winter Queen stands next to Hauviette, saying, "Thank you. I'm done with her now." Apparently, they lost three days in the magical backlash and Carina has been murdered... by Beata.
  • The circle goes to trial, and then travels back in time to find that Carina was instead taken bodily into a future, a future where Joan burns at the stake. Carina gets to say goodbye to Hauviette: "Everything ends in fire." (followed up with image of Joan burning in flames) "This fire is not mine." "This will happen to you too." right before she disappears.
So the issues central to Hauviette are pretty clear. Mutability; of gender, of species, of status. She is a changeling, after all, slipped into another child's crib (we think!) and has held that disguise for all of her existence among the mortals. She is both girl and boy, both queen and peasant-girl, both blessed and cursed. Christian and pagan (well, Cathar). She is a product of a liminal union, of two heretics, and for that reason alone she might be cursed with being a changeling. Like Joan, she is neither one thing nor the other.

This is compounded by the fact that she was replaced, for almost an entire season, by a counterpart from the lands of the Firstborn, believed associated with the Winter Queen. As her opposite, Hauviette-prime was virtually indistinguishable, although her father and brother believed they saw a slight difference in her.

Rulership. The irony of her becoming ruler of the Court upon her Saining (and then the further irony of her not actually being herself) is a continuation of her Maidenhood being full of contradictions. The problem began when she was found to be vulnerable to the old folk traditions at the heart of the May Day celebrations, and made more manifest when Hauviette-prime showed her Queenly self at the wedding of Marie and Robert. But then, with the return of Kornloen, she is thrown into chains. The Queen is brought low, made into a beggar-girl.

In a way, even with Beata's outsider status as Crone-witch, Hauviette is the most dangerous member of the circle. She is the weakest at traditional magic, but her status as doppelganger and as the Winter Queen's "favored one" make her a wellspring of more powerful magics. As a Changeling, she is bound by more Oaths by necessity of safety. And her status as the daughter of Cathars places her in a dangerous place in human society, as well.

Hauviette is closest to Joan too. Joan, after all, is the Virgin, La Pucelle. St. Catherine, Hauviette's role in Joan's visions, was the patroness of young girls and students. And we haven't even discussed the fact that mebib got Hauviette's name by looking at the names of Joan's friends as she grew up... an interesting coincidence, to be sure!

So with Hauviette as "double," we examine the adolescent tendency to consider oneself alien, unknown, in a fog of uncertainty because one is neither girl nor woman yet. An attempt to marry her off backfired. She has not taken the route of Marie's daughter and entered the clergy and remained a Maiden, she has not taken on the role of wife and Mother, and she is not yet old enough to be considered the lonely Crone. She stands at a crossroads, like the little girl transfixed by the dancing lights on the summer solstice horizon, her gateway to her primary double life, as fae and human.
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la pucelle
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Date:June 22nd, 2006 03:52 pm (UTC)
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"During the Summer Solstice, Hauviette is approached by her doppelganger, secretly, for the purposes of changing places. Hauviette agrees."
~I don't think the two have ever actually "met" eachother. She was approached by the greyhound at that point during a "day-dream" or something to that effect.

Other than that, it seems right on. It really makes a difference seeing this all laid out. I love this girl, she's crazy, its awesome :)
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Date:June 22nd, 2006 03:56 pm (UTC)
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I don't think the two have ever actually "met" eachother. She was approached by the greyhound at that point during a "day-dream" or something to that effect.

YES. You are so right. I will make that change. The details of the sequence were hazy to me. :)

Other than that, it seems right on. It really makes a difference seeing this all laid out. I love this girl, she's crazy, its awesome :)

It made a HUGE difference for me, yeah. It's helping me sort through all the myriad plotlines we've cooked up.
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Date:June 22nd, 2006 03:59 pm (UTC)
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I will continue to think on this and let you know if I have anything that should be added.