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Apr. 9th, 2005 @ 08:57 am extremely short capsules of Sessions 3 and 4
Session 3, Walpurgisnacht: Béata instructs Siobhan, Hauviette confronts dad. travel to King of the Wolves, Marie wrestles his champion. Hauviette confronts dad. Finds she is May queen. Walpurgisnacht, fewer people. Meet Joan's brothes dad. Whore in V. Fly. Unleashing. Political situation. Joan in Vaucouleurs, confession running away, and then about voices. Sinner because sherunning away from home. Stepped in. We are not demons. She said they're here. Priests hurts us all. H and B got hurt by exorcism. Make him cry. Havette hudged out. B got hurt. You made him cry. Blurred his vision, ended the effects. Convinced her to leave. Priest bad. Dad on the way. watch over her in stable. , fly there, speak in church, get exorcised, Joan cuts off hair.
Session 4, May Day: Danger of Hauviette being the May Queen, a changeling at the center of a folk ritual, decide to move the title to Siobhan. Béata speaks to Lugh/Mercury/Wotan and he reveals Thibault is the Knight of Wands. Bird ranch from cabapple tree. Beata red sash. Marie washes feet. Hauviette takes the red sash, foot-washing while on the throne. Mom woke her up. She was chastised Echo. Mom thought she was finally a woman. Three competitors. Good match with miller's son. Jacques. He read poetry. Cpuncil approved him. Unleashed forgottn. Dawn's Absolution unleashed. Stole her from May Queen. Counterweaving stands of Winter. Church, behind the house, sitting during ceremony, two more points formed a star. Vomited seawater locked cantrip Reveal. trying to find of winter. Reverse on the maypole. Templars in town. Conclusion in Orleans; Harduin captured.
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